Gold Standard Service

Lender Notification

We will contact the lender(s) to make them aware that the Seller has opted to apply for a short sale & request that the loan file be moved from Collections to Loss Mitigation.

Lien & Title Search

We order a full title search through our title partner, Omega Title, LLC, right away in order to discover any unknown liens or clouds to the title of the property that could become a roadblock if not discovered early in the process. The full title report and title commitment are available within 7 days of receipt of each short sale file.

Preliminary HUD Preparation

Relax and save time shopping for a title company and waiting for a proposed Settlement Statement to complete the short sale package. We will prepare a compelling proposed HUD showing each lender(s) exactly what they can expect to net in the transaction as well as any other items that are being requested that the lender cover in order to support a successful negotiation and increase the likelihood of a fast, streamlined approval.

Preparation & Submission of Short Sale Package

Our professional short sale staff will provide a complete package of required documents for each lender and will assist in compiling all necessary documents once they are returned to us into a complete and persuasive short sale request package and submit to the lender(s).

Full Negotiation Service

Our experienced negotiators will work with the lender(s) and any lien holders to convince them that a short sale in accordance with the terms of the offer presented is the best option in order to most effectively mitigate their loss. Our negotiators will work with all parties involved to respond to any counter offers the lender(s) put forth until an agreement on terms can be reached and an approval received.

Informative Updates

Through our fully interactive online system, Realty Commander, updates on your short sale file can be accessed at your convenience any time. Our team members will also provide verbal or email updates to you once each week so that you know exactly where your short sale is at in the negotiation process at all times.

Florida Short Sale Solutions provides a service to our Sellers, Buyers and Real Estate Agents. Our flat fee of $2,500 is paid by the buyer at closing, once we close.